Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lake Taco

How would you like to get a taco while getting your car washed?  You can do that at Lake Taco where there is a car wash next door.  Here are pictures:

Get your car washed while enjoying a taco next door!
Lake Taco (Polynesian decor)
Great view amid outdoor dining
However, my favorite place to eat so far is:

Trips's Burgers.  If you're from Southern California, you'll know what In-N-Out Burger is.  Well, Trip's is just like that!  I was so happy to discover this place.  It's in a shopping center (Centro Laguna) that I love -- all outdoors.  

Trip's Burgers

This outdoor mall is considered to be one of the best shopping centers on the banks of Chapala.  

In addition to the food court, the mall is anchored with a cinema (6 theaters) and a casino.  It also has retail stores and other eating establishments.

Stores include:

  • Telcel Service Center (cell phones)
  • Steren (electronics)
  • Martí Outlet
  • Chevrolet Centuria
  • O'Rourke Real Estate Investments
  • Lloyd Real Estate
  • A T & T
  • Fusion Art Gallery
  • Christine's Hair Salon
  • Frau Spa
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Move
  • Dormimundo (mattresses)
  • CI Bank
  • HSBC

Dining options are:
  • Black Coffee Gallery
  • Wing's Army
  • Subway
  • Trip's Burgers
  • Scandinavia Bakery
  • Bravo Bake Shop
  • Yue Lai
  • Zhen Si Chicken
  • Pizzeria Romeo and Juliet
  • Gambinelli Gelatos
  • Taqueria los Tarascos
  • Gourmet House
  • Okuma Sushi


  1. Your place is really beautiful, we are going to follow you in a couple or three months. See ya soon.

  2. Wow, that's great news. Let us know if you need any help with relocating here. I think you'll like it a lot.