Friday, April 21, 2017

Our First 30 Days

We arrived in our new home exactly one month ago tonight.  Our landlords greeted us with freshly-made banana bread, groceries, and a bottle of red wine.  It was a wonderful welcome for these weary travelers.  We were so glad to finally arrive, with all of our 12 suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

My landlady was explaining how everything works and they gave us their phone numbers, if we needed anything else.  How great is that!

However, we arrived with the flu and couldn't take it all in right away.  And I couldn't eat anything for several days.  When they found out we were sick, they delivered soup, soda crackers, and medicine to us the very next day.

Luckily it was only a 72 hour flu and once we felt better, we started to work unpacking and getting things done.

What We've Accomplished So Far

  • Opened a bank account.
  • Rented a car for 2 months.  (We can buy one once we get our permanent residency I.D. card)
Cute little Chevy Spark
  • Went shopping, near and far 
    • Near:  Walmart, Super Lake, Soriana's, Dollar Store
    • Far:     Costco, Office Depot, Mega
  • Joined the Raquet Club
  • Got a cell phone
  • Went to the Mexican consulate and started the residency process
  • Joined the Lake Chapala Society
  • Went to two events at the Raquet Club (potluck, happy hour) and met a lot of our neighbors
  • Found our new doctor (Dr. Santiago Hernandez at Chapala Med) and had new-patient doctor appt.
  • Found our new church, and went there for the first time on Easter Sunday.
So, enough with the boring stuff.  Here's some pictures that I have taken so far.

These are pictures from our patio:

Sunset, looking toward the lake

Blue sky

Looking toward the Raquet Club


  1. Wow, you've accomplished a lot in 30 days! Love your little green car -- reminds me of being in Italy! We miss you terribly, but know that you're loving your new home! Abrazitos desde Ecuador

    1. We miss you guys too. Keep posting on FB and I won't feel that we're so far apart. We miss Cuenca in so many ways (but not the rain)!
      Love to you and Mark.