Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our Visit to Lake Chapala, Mexico (Part 2 of 3)

 We spent the month of November, 2016 in the Lake Chapala area, specifically in Ajijic.  We stayed at the Ajijic Suites and highly recommend it.  It is right in the center of the village but far enough away from the central plaza to avoid the noise from the weekend celebrations.

Ajijic is the most popular town in "Lakeside" (what the area is known as on the north shore of Lake Chapala) because of the many dining options, along with art galleries, musical entertainment, etc.  Also, the Lake Chapala Society is found here, which is a good starting point if you're new to the area.  And you can walk along the malecon in Ajijic (another one is in Chapala).

Here are pictures of the village of Ajijic:

Chapel of the Virgin of Rosario, built in 1643 (in the Ajijic plaza)

Outdoor cafe in the Ajijic plaza

Ajijic plaza

A favorite restaurant of ours:  David's Cafe

Here is the owner Chuy, waving to us

Where we stayed (Ajijic Suites)

Outdoor courtyard at the Ajijic Suites

Indoor courtyard at the Ajijic Suites

Mike having coffee at David's Cafe

David's Cafe

Walking on the cobblestone streets to David's Cafe (be careful!)

Here are pictures of the lake and the malecon in Ajijic:

This is a huge lake.  We've only seen about 20% of it!

Here are pictures of the Chapala malecon (larger than the one in Ajijic):

Here are pictures of scenery in the area:

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